Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Phenomenal Day...Albies, Stripers and Blues

Today was the best day I have ever experienced in fishing for false albacore here in RI.  I went out with my brother in his boat in the morning.  My son, Ben, later joined us in the afternoon.  The false albacore were EVERYWHERE we went.  For miles they were busting all along the oceanfront.  Mixed in along various spots were good numbers of stripers and bluefish.  By the end of the day, all three of us landed the hat trick of albies, blues and stripers.
The totals for the day were staggering: over 45 false albacore, 25 stripers up to 36 inches, and another 10-15 bluefish.  Everywhere we traveled there was vast amounts of bay anchovies that were fueling a  tremendous early fall  feeding  spree.
Best lure today for albies today was the float and fly (blue Deceiver) though the float and fluke also caught good numbers of them.  The best lure for stripers was a 4 inch black back Bomber.  Anything you threw worked for the bluefish.  I opted for a bucktail jig.
Surprisingly, there were  few boaters around but the few we saw were catching some fish.  I also saw very few shore fishermen and I can tell you that a lot of the fish we caught could have been caught from shore.
We are in a period of incredible fishing right now.  The fall run is happening here in RI, and it is as good as it gets!