Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Blues, Less Stripers

We're in a shift right now in the upper Bay. It happens every year about this time as the hot weather warms the water. The striper population moves southward to deeper and cooler water at the middle and mouth of the Bay while the bluefish population increases.

I was out a couple of nights ago, and it was the first time in a month that I didn't catch a striper. I ended up with two blues about five pounds apiece. The bluefish are particularly fond of skinny plastic (like the fish in the photo that hit my six inch Hogy), and will usually not hit a hard plug. There are many people who think a blue will hit anything........not true. So, if you want to catch bluefish, they are around in increasing numbers in the upper Bay waters. However, I will warn you that you'll be going through a lot of expensive plastics if you intend to catch any numbers of these fish.