Sunday, June 26, 2011

"C" Fishing

Being a former teacher I often looked at a grade of "C" as simply fair. Not that great, not that bad. From a striper fishing point of view we are into "C" fishing right now.
I have been out just about every night in the last week. There is little noteworthy fishing going on from the shore, but I am getting fish on every outing. "C" fishing. I'm catching 1-5 stripers an evening with a blue or two in the mix. Most have been hefty schoolies. I got them all on soft plastics. I have stuck close by to the Bay because the reports I am hearing from the oceanfront shore are not worth the price of gas to get down there.
Now, if you have a boat, the fishing is a different story if you believe the reports that are coming in. Block Island appears to be red hot for keeper bass, but then again, it always is that way in June. The south shore reefs seem to be hot also. And, if the striper fishing sours, this is a great time to fish for fluke from the boat along the south shore.
But, for the shore guy who fishes the Bay and the oceanfront the striper fishing just rates a "C".