Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cool Weather, Big Tides Perk Up Striper Fishing

I'm back in business in the upper Bay. Got out the last three nights and landed 24 stripers. Though most of them were schoolies, I did manage a couple of small keepers. I think the cooler than normal weather and water along with the large moon tides have been responsible for perking up the action. The fish are spread out as I fished three different locations, one evening fishing from my kayak (see photo) and two outings from shore. Overall, the hot lure was an albino colored Zoom fluke, either fished on a small jighead or fished on top with no weight using a swimbait hook. Interestingly, I've not run into any blues in the last three evenings. In the last couple of weeks their numbers had been increasing, but they were no where to be found in the last three outings. So, in this up and down roller coaster of a spring, things are suddenly looking up.