Friday, June 24, 2011

Bad Economy, HIgh Gas Prices, Lack of Fish

Whatever is going on, there is a noticeable lack of fishermen around. Blame it on any of the three reasons in my title. I fished a popular spot in the Bay last night. It usually sees about 15-20 fishermen a night plugging as well as fishing bottom. Last evening there were exactly three of us fishing and that was it. Besides, I never saw a boat enter or leave the Bay in the three hours I was there. Not one boater on a decent fishing night. For sure, high gas prices are taking a heavy toll on the boating industry. Couple that with marginal fishing in the Bay this year and people are just not getting out in their boats. Some simply can't afford it; others say the fishing isn't worth it. I'm also seeing the same lack of fishermen along the oceanfront where most have to drive considerably farther in order to fish. For example, at $20 worth of gas for a round trip, fishermen will think twice about heading down several times a week for marginal fishing. As many of you know, I run the Carp Anglers Group here in RI. We are doing a brisk business with more new members this year than ever. What many of these new members are telling me is that they are former striper fishermen who are looking to fish closer to home. And, many of them are turning to fresh water. It may not be stripers, but it's still fishing. With an abundance of underutilized 10-20 lb. carp in RI, it can be very hot fishing for big fish.I find this all to be a disturbing trend, but I also suspect that it will get worse before it gets better.