Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When Skinny Plastic Fails!

Yes, sometimes my favorite skinny plastic lures do not work. I had an interesting outing a couple of nights ago. I started off with my ole faithful white Hogy. Fish were around as they were whirling it and following it, but they were not interested in taking it. Under those situations I usually will change the color or change the size or do both. I made those corrections and still, no cigar. So, I made a complete change, going with a Zoom fluke fished on top. I did not opt for the float and Zoom fluke because of the calm conditions. In those conditions, the float usually has a spooking effect on finicky fish. I used no weight....just the large Zoom fluke mounted on a swimbait hook, and I proceeded to fish it like a Hogy with lots of slight twitches of the rod tip. It was immediate success as I started hooking up fish after fish. The tally for the evening was 9 stripers which included 1 keeper (see photo). Sometimes when the stripers are fussy, it's a good move to switch to something smaller that has a different profile and movement than skinny plastic. In this case, the Zoom fluke did the trick.