Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hogys Hot Right Now

I have landed keeper bass along with a bunch of schoolies on my last four outings fishing from shore in Narragansett Bay. Skinny plastic stickbaits are my hottest baits to use right now. I am using only Hogy baits. I especially like the 6 and 9 inch skinny Hogys along with the original 7 inch ones. There are two ways I am fishing them. The 6-inch skinny is fished off a float. Connect up about three feet of heavy mono to your float and tie on the lure. That float gives me a long cast even into the wind. I will cast it way out and twitch it along on the surface, moving the rod tip as I reel slowly. The 7 and 9 inch models are heavy enough to be cast on their own and retrieved by vigorously moving the rod tip while reeling slowly. I am using only Hogy swimbait hooks these days that have that baitkeeper screw type device up front. The best color this week has been a bone or white color. I suspect the white works well because the fish are basically hitting in daylight. Once they switch over to nighttime feeding, the black will shine.