Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Strategy...Move Around and Find 'Em

I move around a lot in May and it often leads to a lot of fish. I often have several spots in mind to fish on my way to the Bay, and if one doesn't work out I move onto another. I rarely stay in one spot more than a half hour when I feel the tide and wind conditions are just right and I'm catching nothing. The fish tend to move around in schools at this time of year so it is often a matter of finding them.

Of course, you need to be using the right stuff. It's not all that complicated at this time. In the Bay, the choices of effective artificials are few. I like to carry a bunch of Zoom flukes and small jigheads, a couple of small poppers and a bunch of Hogys of various sizes. I will also carry a couple of floats. That will cover most of my fishing situations.

Last night I went down to the Bay. I was going to fish an area where there were several specific key spots to fish. Got nothing in an hour and a half of casting. I finally made a decision to leave this area, get in my car and travel to another location. The move paid off as I found a load of fish. I landed 15 schoolies in just 40 minutes using a Zoom fluke on a half ounce jighead. It's a good example of how moving around really pays off at this time of year.