Saturday, May 7, 2011

Float 'n' Plastic

I got my biggest fish of the new season this evening using an ole trick that worked wonders for me last year. I was using a wooden float (as in the float and jig rig), and at lure end via three feet of mono I was using a large Zoom fluke. These large, 4 inch Zoom flukes are deadly on top but how does one cast such a light offering? Enter the float. The float delivers the offering way out and the rig is simply twitched along as you reel slowly. I also used a small white Hogy on the same set up and that caught fish too (see pics). One other note here....I am now using the Hogy swimbait hooks on all my plastics that are fished on top. The swimbait hooks offer a more durable hook up and they extend the lives of your plastics. If you haven't tried them yet, I guarantee you'll be hooked on them when you do.