Saturday, September 24, 2022

An EPIC Day from the Kayaks


Here's a slot that just came into the 
kayak.  Fishing for slots and over slots
was red hot today.

My son Jon and I went out in the kayaks in the Bay today. I debated whether to hit the oceanfront or try the Bay.  With the oceanfront rough and super windy, I decided on going out in the kayak in a protected location.  I normally don't do this in the fall, but I figured I'd roll the dice.

And, as it turned out we made the right decision.  We found masses of peanut bunker in the spot that we fished.  In addition, there were a big numbers of needlefish harassing the the peanuts.  I know because I caught a couple by accident on a Jumpin' Minnow, the first plug I tried. Surprisingly, it was the needlefish that the stripers were keying on.  They were also occasionally hitting the peanuts.

Both Jon and I fished Slug-gos the entire day. The Slug-go is a dead ringer for a needlefish. It was hit after hit of big fish (slots and over slots) on the Slug.  The two of us ended up landing dozens of stripers from 28 to 42 inches.  It was epic and one of the best fall days we ever had from the kayaks in the Bay.

Using the Slug-go with the single hook up front made catch-and-release a simple and harmless affair.  All the fish were released in great shape.

Right now in RI the Bay has far more bait (peanut bunker) than the oceanfront.  I heard of big numbers of stripers and peanut bunker in multiple locations in the Bay in the last week.

The majority of the fish today were hefty slots and over
slots.  All were caught on Slug-gos.