Saturday, May 9, 2020

Paddletails- Alone or Off the Float

I've run into some hot fishing along the oceanfront in the last couple of days.  All of my action has been on paddletail bodies, more specifically the 4-inch Cocahoe Minnow in a glow color with a chartreuse paddle tail.  I have been using this alone with a 3/4 oz. jighead or off the float.  Both have been working well depending on the situation.
I tend to favor just the jig alone.  This works well in deeper water or in spots where there are no obstructions on the bottom.  It also works well in places where a long cast is not needed.I like it paired with a 3/4 oz. jighead (see photo at left).
I go with the wooden egg float/ Cocahoe combo under different circumstances.  This works well in shallow water, places where obstructions (rocks) exist on the bottom, in low water areas and in places where a long cast is needed. I make all my own egg floats, and they weigh a bit under 2 oz.  I pair this with a half ounce jighead, and I can make a booming cast with this set-up (see photo at right).
I believe we are in the midst of a second wave of migrating spring fish. Up until a few days ago, I had been seeing inconsistent action along the oceanfront.  The last couple of days have brought very good action with 20 to 27 inch fish. I've even seen birds diving and schools of fish breaking. Hopefully, this big northwest blow we are currently experiencing will not drive them out.