Saturday, May 9, 2020

Biggest Spring Blitz I Have EVER Seen!

Yes, I was out today in that wild big blow. It was the biggest wind I ever experienced while fishing in the springtime along the RI coast.  It also delivered the biggest striper blitz I have ever seen at this time of year. Hundreds of birds diving after bait, stripers blasting the bait from below and hitting anything that moved.  The fish were very hungry and aggressive. Take a look at the 9 second video below.  That went on for more than three straight hours right in front of me. And, it was a fish or a hit on every single cast using my float and bucktail jig. The second wave of migrating fish is well underway along the oceanfront and it was epic in the place I was fishing today.
All the fish today were good size. The smallest ones were around 20 inches while the bigger ones were keepers or just below keeper size. The jig was the perfect lure to use for today's catch-and-release fishing.  All fish returned in good shape.