Sunday, January 12, 2020

Loading Up

I've been tying up a storm in my basement.  I think bucktail
jigs will be hot tickets again this year, like always, for stripers.
This is a lure you can easily make yourself.
I'm already planning for next season. I've been loading up on what I think will be hot based on last year's fishing. Here's what I've been buying and making:
1. Bucktail jigs-  I caught a lot of stripers last year on bucktail jigs.  They became my go to lures most days in the fall.  They also are great for catch-and-release fishing.  I make all my own bucktail jigs.  I really like both the spire point jigs and flat head jigs. If you are looking for the molds for these, check out Do-It Molds. When I'm going with a big jig, the spire point in  1, 1 1/2 and 2 oz. sizes are the ticket.  When I'm fishing the bucktail jig off a float, I like the smaller flathead in a 3/8 or 1/2 oz size.  All my jigs have white heads, white bucktail and are tied with red thread.
2. Topwater plugs- I'm stocking up on Rebel Jumpin Minnows in a bone color.  These inexpensive spook type plugs were the hottest surface lures last year in Gansett Bay for stripers and bluefish in the summer and fall. I suggest changing out the hooks on these plugs to VMC 4X.
3. Cocahoes- I've ordered a bunch of these paddle tail lures in a glow/chartreuse tail color.  I like the Queen or 4 inch model.  Plain white and plain glow also work well. They were real hot along the oceanfront last year in both the spring and fall for stripers.  Again, great for catch-and-release when mounted on a single hook jighead.
4.  Big stuff for the Canal- I bought a bunch of 9 inch Sebile Magic Swimmers in a ghostescent color.  These has been the hottest plugs in the Canal for big fish in the last few years. You can get them now, but come July, good luck finding any.  I've also bought several Guppy pencil poppers, the topwater lure that proved to be my best last year.  They come in various sizes.  The best size will be determined by what your outfit can throw. I like the Jobo Junior in a pearl or Ghost mackerel color in a 3 oz. size.