Saturday, June 16, 2018

Always a Good Day in Buzzards Bay

We fished from the boat yesterday in Buzzards Bay.  As we were catching fish after fish, my brother Steve remarked, "You know we have NEVER had a bad day in Buzzards Bay."  Sure enough, this is the closest thing to a sure bet in fishing, especially in late spring and early summer. Yesterday we landed huge numbers of keeper black sea bass and loads of stripers along with some scup and a bluefish.  Yes, this place is also known for variety.
How's this for a couple of biggies. Most of the
black sea bass here are keepers with some
huge ones in the mix.
Buzzards Bay offers about the best springtime black sea bass fishing that I have ever seen.  The fish are numerous and they are very large. We jigged both bucktail jigs (spiced with curly tails) and Kastmaster XL's in 25 to 40 feet of water to land close to a hundred fish, most of which were keepers.  We let everything go except for two huge ones. Note that the sea bass in this place have some of the most vibrant colors on them I have ever seen.
Buzzards Bay is also
loaded with schoolies.  This
one hit a Jumpin Minnow.
When we got sick of catching the sea bass, we set our sights on stripers. This place is also loaded with stripers.  We used our shallow water techniques from 'Gansett Bay to catch loads of schoolies. Buzzards Bay is covered with "fishy" shore spots.  I'm talking rocky points, flats with moving water, outflows and little estuaries. While we found no fish breaking, we found loads of stripers in many of these spots in shallow water that was generally 4 to 8 feet deep. We landed over 100 schoolies on lures such as Zoom flukes on jigheads, weightless Finesse Fish and Rebel Jumpin' Minnows.
It was yet another memorable day in this place.  We've had a lot of these types of days through the years.

The colors on black sea bass in this place are the most vibrant I have ever seen.
This huge one was simply GORGEOUS!