Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Rough and Clean Water Deliver

Jon Pickering holds a decent one that was
landed yesterday in some rough water along
the oceanfront.
For the last two days I have been fishing the oceanfront.  One look at the water yesterday told me the fishing would be good.  The water was rough, clean and moving.  These are ideal conditions in which to catch spring stripers. Today I had the same conditions.  Both yesterday and today turned out to be banner days for me.  Both days I landed over 20 stripers with many good size ones. All the action was on a Cocahoe minnow on a 3/4 oz. jighead.
Today's fish were smaller
but feisty in the rough
water. The Cocahoe Minnow
landed all the fish.
Strange thing about the size of the fish.  Yesterday I had a lot of good size ones with most running 20 to 28 inches. My son Jon (who fished with me yesterday) and I had several small keepers in the bunch.  Today it was different fish as the fish were considerably smaller with most running 12 to 20 inches.  Today's highlight was a tagged 20 inch fish from the American Littoral Society.
So, fishing continues to be good along the oceanfront in the rough water. I'm guessing it will remain good as the temperatures stay around normal this week.