Saturday, May 12, 2018

Daiwa BG......Best Reel for the Price

The Daiwa BG 4000, a great reel at a great price.
I'm convinced.  The Daiwa BG is one heck of a reel for about $100 bucks (depending on the size). After using it for the last month, I am sold on this reel.  It will match up to anything that costs two, three or even four times as much.
 After reading a bunch of reviews that gave this reel a stellar rating, I had to get one.  In addition, I saw them at one of the booths at a winter show.  It was the booth from Red Top Bait and Tackle.  This place does a big business in fishing stuff at the Canal and these guys told me this was, by far, their best selling reel. In addition, I read the great review that Alan Hawk gave this reel.  You can find it here. This guy is well known for his extensive reel reviews, and he rates this reel as one of the best buys on the market. Most fishing online stores rate this a five out of five star rating and I would have to agree.
I have the BG 4000.  This reel is built like a tank, but it is super smooth on the retrieve.  The drag is also smooth as silk.  I love the line lay on the reel.  Because it goes on so evenly, I can report not one wind knot in dozens of times using the reel with 30 lb. test braided line. I'm using this smaller saltwater reel with an 8 ft. Mojo St. Croix rod, a great combination for spring schoolies.
So, if you are  in the market for a new reel, think about this one.  It is by far the best I have bought in a reel that costs around $100.
Highly recommended!