Sunday, June 4, 2017

Another Big Bluefish Year on the Way?

Big blues have been around from shore. I landed
this one a couple of nights ago.
We've also found big numbers of
them from the boat this week. There's
plenty of food to keep them around.
One of the highlights of last year was the resurgence of big bluefish along the south shore oceanfront as well as in the Bay. It was the best year for big blues in at least a decade. This year has all the makings of a repeat if you look at what is going on right now.
My brother and I fished in the boat one day this week.  While we found no big stripers we found plenty of big bluefish.  In fact, this was our best day ever for big bluefish in early June as we boated well over 30 of them while fishing topwater plugs.  They ranged from 8-15 lbs. The next night I fished from shore.  I thought I had a big striper on but when I got it to shore it turned out to be another big blue.  I also know of another guy who reported blues up to 15 lbs. from a shore spot in the Bay.  These are all examples of a growing big bluefish population that should swell to big numbers by late summer.
Add to all this a huge population of menhaden in the Bay. I believe this is drawing in numbers of big bluefish, although my brother thinks the blues could be feasting on the massive number of small schoolies that are in the Bay right now.  Either way, there's plenty of food to keep them coming.