Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Very Hot Plug

I landed this monster blue on the Jumpin
Minnow along with another 15 big blues
this week in the Bay from the boat.
This small keeper was landed
from shore this week on a
Jumpin Minnow.
The hottest plug in my bag right now is actually the most inexpensive.  How's that for a bargain? I've written many times about the Rebel Jumpin' Minnow, and I have to highlight it again.  I've landed a number of hefty schoolies and small keepers as well as some monster bluefish in the last week and just about everything has come on the minnow. It's far outfished most other plugs in my bag and is the hottest thing going right now.
This is a plug that works well on light tackle and in "small" spots like bays, harbors and backwaters.  It's not a plug that would make it in big, long cast spots.  But, in those calm spots where fussy fish are feeding on small bait, it is terrific.
I especially like the bone, or off white colored model.  As I have said in the past I change the hooks on the plug out of the box and put on VMC 4X, size #1 hooks.
To work the plug, reel in with a slow retrieve while moving the rod tip with short jerks.  This should cause the plug to wiggle back and forth on the surface on the retrieve.  If a fish is whirling in back of it, slow it down or even stop it.

The Jumpin Minnow is best fished with light tackle.  This bone color is
my favorite color.