Friday, June 16, 2017

A Trip to Black Sea Bass Heaven

I have written in the past about the fabulous fishing for black sea bass that Buzzards Bay has to offer.  And, I have written about some real good days we had there.  But, yesterday had to be the BEST.  I have never seen so many good size black sea bass as I saw yesterday. They were all over this Bay.  We even saw some surfacing for bait.
At one point there were birds all around us diving and black sea bass driving the bait on the surface. They were even swimming in schools in the clear water down a few feet right under the boat and this was in water that was 25 feet deep. I've never seen them on the surface like this.  The depth finder at times revealed fish ten feet thick under the bait.  We could not even get our metal offerings to the bottom without a fish grabbing it on the way down.This went on all afternoon in multiple spots as we had a fish on just about every drop of the metal.
The hot lure of the day was a Kastmaster XL which we just dropped to the bottom and jigged it up and down with pulls of the rod tip.  Just about all the fish we caught were keepers with most going 15-20 inches.  We also had a few real big ones that went over 20 inches that we kept.
Buzzards Bay also has the most beautiful specimens of black sea bass that you will find anywhere.  Many of the fish we caught had bright blue heads and fins, a characteristic of fish we find here at this time of year.
Chalk up another great day of fishing in this very best spot on the East Coast for sea bass.

Simply Beautiful!