Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spreading Out in the Bay

I found good numbers of schoolies
in the Bay today.  Zoom flukes
on jigheads were the hot lures.
Migrating schoolies have now moved into the Bay.  I fished Narragansett Bay today in multiple locations miles apart and landed good numbers of fish in different spots. That tells me that they are now spreading out all over the Bay in good numbers.
The hot lure in the early going in the Bay is a fork tailed fluke, the lure that landed all my fish today.  I like a light colored (albino) Zoom fluke fitted onto a half ounce jighead.  While Cocahoes rule the oceanfront in April, flukes are a far better choice in the Bay.
Today I was catching the same size fish in the Bay that I have been catching all week along the oceanfront.  For the most part, these are small fish in the 10-15 inch range.
I also made an important discovery today.  In one of my spots that I was fishing I found a huge school of adult menhaden, or pogies. April is very early to find them in the Bay. Watch out when this big bait comes around because it is only a matter of a short time before large keeper stripers find them.