Monday, April 18, 2016

Fish Spreading Out, Getting Bigger, FIRST KEEPER Landed

There were staggering numbers of fish today with most of them
averaging over 20 inches.  The white Cocahoe minnow
continues to be a very hot lure.
Wow, things are hot right now.  I got out today and fished multiple spots along the oceanfront and found fish in every spot. The big difference between this week and last week is that the fish are getting bigger.  Most of the fish I landed today averaged around 20 inches, considerably bigger than what was around last week.
However, the big news of the day for me was my first keeper.  I got a fish that was just about 28 inches long if you stretched the tail.  It was considerably bigger than any other fish I had today. It was caught on a Cocahoe minnow.
I landed staggering numbers of fish.  In my best one hour stretch, I had thirty fish so the numbers on the day were off the chart.  I also landed fish on a variety of lures.  Cochahoes on jigheads, Zoom flukes on jigheads and shrimp fly teasers all worked in various spots.
Right now the spring schoolie fishing is as good as I have ever seen it. Hopefully, it will continue.