Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Off to a BIG Start

The Cocahoe minnow mounted on
a small jighead was a hot producer.
Shrimp fly teasers rigged ahead of the
jig also accounted for good
numbers of fish along with several
double headers.
Finally, the wait is over.  The first of the migrating schoolies have arrived.  I was out fishing the last two days and landed almost half a hundred fish.  Yes, that many. That southwest wind of the last couple of days along with somewhat milder temperatures moved a big slug of fish along the south shore oceanfront.
These were all small fish, typical of what you find in the early going.  The fish averaged just 10-16 inches, but they were perfect specimens. Many were bright in color and loaded with sea lice, an indication of migrating fish.
I got all my fish on a combination of shrimp fly teasers along with a white Cocahoe minnow mounted on a jighead. The best period of the day for me was that last hour before dark, although I had quite a few fish in the afternoon also.
I saw very few fishermen around and at times, there was no one.  I can only guess that many are waiting on the sidelines or looking for a positive report.
With warm temperatures coming this weekend into next week, I suspect the fishing will explode all over the state, from the oceanfront all the way up into the Bay.  And, expect to see some bigger ones in the next couple of weeks.
It's happening early this year, and I now have my sights on an April keeper!
The first striper of the year was a 15 inch schoolie taken on a Cocahoe.