Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Some Here, Some There

This 30 inch keeper was landed
today along with 4 other schoolies.
There are fish around, but you have
to work for them.
For me, this has not been a normal October.  In past years, October has defined fall fishing for stripers here in RI. In previous years, I could simply drive around until I found a blitz.  Not this year. I have fished a lot in the last couple of weeks and there was only one blitz that I can report being a part of, and that was short lived.
However, I don't want to sound like I am complaining because I am consistently catching fish, though not as many as I would like to be catching.  In the last two weeks I have fished just about every day and have not blanked at all. I have caught two stripers or more on every outing.  Take today for instance. I headed down in the afternoon and really worked one particular area along the oceanfront with swimmers (Daiwa SP Minnow).  I landed 4 stripers and had a few more hits.  One of those fish was a keeper.  Later, I worked another spot after dark and landed one more fish.  So, not too bad on a day in which I saw no bait, no birds and no fish breaking.
So, there are fish around.  Yes, some here, some there. A lot of fishermen are complaining that they are not seeing many fish, but I suspect those same guys are not doing much casting.  It is a matter of getting the plug in the water and working the spots to come up with a fish or two. They are around.