Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Slim Pickings

This is one of four hefty schoolies landed today in some
rough, white water. Fishing in October is way off.
There are a few fish around but you have to look long and hard to find them along the oceanfront.  We went through two weeks of northeast winds and real rough water, and now it's the southwesterly blows that have churned up the water.  This has all made the fishing difficult and sent a lot of the bait packing. While September fishing was phenomenal, October has been a bust thus far.
I fished twice in the last three days and landed some schoolies.  I have found little or no bait, and that is why finding any fish has been difficult. For mid October, it is amazing how few fishermen I have run into.  And, the ones I have seen have been complaining about the lack of fish and the disappearance of the bait. In fact, many of the striper regulars have turned to fishing the bottom for tautog.
There still is a solid six weeks left to the season.  And, there is lots of bait in 'Gansett Bay. I'm guessing things will really perk up when the ocean calms down and the bait returns.