Thursday, October 15, 2015

One Heck of a Plug

The Daiwa SP (Salt Pro) Minnow has been my go to swimmer all summer and fall.  I have been having very good luck this fall along the RI oceanfront with a white version that the company lists as "Mother of Pearl".  I love the way these things cast and their tight wiggle on the retrieve seems to elicit more hits from blues and stripers than any other swimmer. The only drawback to these plugs is that they have flimsy hooks and split rings right out of the box.  I replace the split rings with a heavy duty version and replace the hooks with VMC 4 x size 1/0 trebles.  Once that is done, no problem with bent hooks.
Today the plug worked like a charm landing good numbers of big blues and stripers (see photos of keeper bass and large blue).  This week my fishing went from "slim pickings" to bonanza.  It was a matter of finding the bait, and I found it in one small particular spot today and the stripers and blues were on it. This is what has been happening along the oceanfront.  You can search for miles and there is nothing and suddenly around the next bend you find the Mother Lode. In this one spot I found numbers of big menhaden, peanut bunker and bay anchovies.
So, in order to hit it big, it becomes a matter of finding the fish as well as fishing the right plugs and lures that will catch them. The Daiwa Minnow has been a super hot producer for me in the daytime and at night all fall.