Thursday, June 13, 2013

Keepers, Big Blues Falling for Daiwa SP Minnows

It's been a hot week this week for big fish.  In the last post I mentioned that I had gotten away from the smaller fish in the Bay to go after some larger fish elsewhere in this nasty weather.  The result has been over a dozen keeper bass up to 40 inches along with some big bluefish that my kids and I have landed. There have been two keys to our success.  We are fishing moving water, always a good choice when looking for larger fish.  And, we have caught all of our fish on Daiwa SP Minnows.  I believe this is the very best swimmer to use in moving water.  It's got a narrow, tight wiggle that fish can't seem to resist.  And, that moving weight in the center allows it to be cast further than any other swimmer in its size range. The mackerel color, either the blue mackerel or the green mackerel, has been especially effective for us.  Check out my son Jon in the photos from today with a good  size blue and a good size striper  that he landed on the green mackerel Daiwa SP Swimmer. 
Daiwa swimmers are sold in many of the state's tackle shops.  I know that both Saltwater Edge and Quaker Lane carry a good supply.