Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Holy Cow....Now That's A Fish

I've been catching lots of schoolies lately, but I hadn't caught a keeper in two weeks so I made some big changes.  I got  out of the Bay and started fishng a different location.  Well, it paid big dividends with 7 keepers in the last two days including this biggie that measured over 40 inches. There were also good numbers of hefty schoolies in the mix.  The hot plug has been a Daiwa SP minnow, a plug that I wrote about a lot last year. Maybe  the weather also had a lot to do with my success.  The weather has been cloudy, stormy, rainy and crappy, my type of weather to be fishing in the daytime. So, for all those fishermen out there complaining about the lack of fish, my advice is to look around and keep moving because they are somewhere, and you might just luck into something big.