Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Black Sea Bass Heaven

When things aren't going well with striper fishing, I often target other species.  So, yesterday my brother and I headed for black sea bass heaven, better known as Buzzards Bay, in Steve's boat.  Boy, this place is loaded with sea bass.  What I especially like about this place is that the fish readily hit artificials along here. A 3/4 oz. flathead bucktail jig spiced with a plastic curly tail is deadly.  It's a matter of dropping the jig to the  bottom and bouncing it along as the boat drifts. 
There is always a possibility of catching some real big sea bass in this Bay.  We landed several yesterday in the 5-7 lb. range, very large fish for this species of fish.  We also had a lot of small ones that seemed to be in big schools.  At times the depth finder would light up with fish showing schools that were 5-7 feet thick at times. It seemed like we landed 3-4 fish on just about every short drift we made, and this went on for several hours!
Black sea bass were not the only types of fish we caught.  We also landed some bluefish, several large scup and schoolie stripers.  Buzzards Bay is well known for delivering multi species of fish for those fishermen who fish there. It happened that way for us yesterday.