Friday, July 27, 2012

My Favorite Surf Fishing Outfit

Whether it's at the fishing seminars I do or when talking to someone about my magazine articles, the topic that always comes up is "What outfit are you using in most locations?".  I will tell you that no one outfit cuts it in all locations.  I really have three outfits I use.... a light outfit, a medium set up and a heavy duty one.  However, if I had to choose one outfit that I use  90% of the time and that works well in most places it would have to be that medium outfit.
This outfit happens to be my favorite set up of all time.  My reel is a Van Stall (VS) 150 bail-less reel (retail- $699).  This powerful and pricey reel weighs in at a mere 12 oz. yet can handle anything that swims within a cast of shore.  My rod is a St. Croix Mojo 8 ft. surf rod (retail- $170).  This one piece spinning rod weighs a mere 8.8 oz. making my whole set up about 20 oz. in weight.  The rod is unique in that it has high guides that have small rings, advertised as suited for braided line.  Yes, it does seem like wind knots are few and far between with this rod.  I might also add that the rod is intended for handling plugs that range from 3/4 to 3 oz., quite a range for this small stick.  The rod is stiff, a plus when casting large plugs or fighting good sized fish.  The line I am using is Power Pro 30 lb. test braid.

I've landed stripers from schoolies  up to big keepers of 46 inches with this outfit and have taken tons of large bluefish and false albacore.  I also use it to jig for fluke and black sea bass from shore and from the boat.  With its light weight I can fish for hours on end without tiring.  While it lacks that ability to make a very long cast (not ideal for the Cape Cod Canal),  it has the beef and castability to tackle most surf spots in southern New England. If I had to choose one outfit to use, this would be it.