Saturday, July 14, 2012

Building up the Fall Arsenal

We're in a big lull right now as far as shore fishing is concerned.  However, better days are ahead as fall fishing is just around the corner. I usually begin getting ready for fall fishing in the summertime.  I like to go into my cool basement and make plugs, jigs and other tackle that will be used in the fall.  Here are some of the projects I am working on:
1.  Plug Building-  I made a dozen four inch poppers and 7 needlefish plugs in the last week.  The best colors last year were all white with a green back.  That color combo was real hot in late fall when ocean herring were around in big numbers.  I am also making some mackerel colored needlefish, a hot plug for us in the Cape Cod Canal.  If the RI shore does not produce in the fall, I am heading for the canal and I plan to be ready.
2.  Bucktail Jigs-  I have been tying up a storm in the last few weeks.  Jigs are especially good when small bait such as bay anchovies are around as they were in big numbers last year in early fall.  I especially like the 3/8 and 1/2 oz. flathead jig.  I am also making some big 1 1/2 oz. hotlips jigs to use at night in the channel areas.  All white jigs tied with red thread seems to be the best color combo overall.
3.  Floats-  I use the float and jig rig a lot in fall using this rig for schoolies, bluefish and false albacore in rocky areas.  The float will be used to deliver small bucktail jigs, jigs and plastic and flies.  I bought a bunch of wooden eggs a while ago and I am now getting around to wiring these up.
4.  Wire Leaders-  I suspect we will see good numbers of blues this fall and I will need wire leaders on my terminal set up.  Wire leaders are easy to make if you have the wire, sleeves, snaps, swivels and crimping pliers.

5.  Ordering Stuff-  I just bought a bunch of treble hooks from .  I also need to order some Bass Pro triple ripple grub tails in a three and four inch lengths.  These are the best grubs to add to small bucktail jigs. I also need more bucktail and I get that from a place called Hook and Hackle.