Thursday, July 12, 2012

Freshwater Best Bet Right Now

Unless you own a big boat capable of getting offshore to Block Island or off the rough waters of Newport or Jamestown, striper fishing is mighty slow in RI in this heat of summer.  I know of some fishermen who are slugging it out from shore at night along Jamestown and Gansett and the results are slow going. Others have simply given up until fall.
So, as I often do when saltwater sours, I have turned my attention to freshwater fishing for largemouths and carp.  Both these fish love hot weather and are active in the heat of summer.  In the last week I have landed over 40 carp with sizes from small ones up to the low twenty pound range.  Carp are fantastic fighters and are plentiful in many southern New England states. If you are looking for info on how to fish for these fish, check out my carp fishing website at .  My son, Jon, loves to fish the local ponds for largemouths.  We went a few days back, a day in which the temperature was near 90 degrees.  In two hours of fishing in the evening, we landed over 20 largemouths and 2 pickerel.  Many of the bass went 3-4 lbs., very good sizes.  They were all taken on plastic worms.  So, while many surf fishermen sit home just moaning about the lousy summer saltwater fishing, realize some hot fishing is available close to home in freshwater.
Give carp or largemouth bass a might just open up a whole new world of possibilities for summer action.