Saturday, March 17, 2012

No Stripes But Plenty of Beef

I blanked seven times in a row for stripers in the upper Bay and that was enough for me.  In the last week I have not gone, but I have not given up on fishing.  I have been targeting freshwater carp, something I have been doing in the daytime all winter long.  But, now I am trying at night as well. I have had the best week for big fish that I have had since Jan. with many fish in the teens and 4 carp that weighed from 20-26 lbs.  These are monsters for freshwater (see pic of 23 lber. at right).
Freshwater carp will hit as soon as the ice leaves most waters.  Most fishermen mistakenly think these fish will only hit in warm weather.  Right now you can fish for these fish in MA and RI.  In RI you can only fish in waters that are not stocked with trout.  After Opening Day (April 14), all waters are open.  These fish are terrific fighters, comparable to a large striper.  In fact, I would recommend saltwater gear to catch them as you are overmatched if you try to subdue one of these monsters on traditional freshwater gear. They are about your best bet at this time of year if you want to tangle with a big fish.
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