Sunday, March 25, 2012

Few Fish Caught But No Spring Run Yet; Freshwater Running Hot

The news certainly spreads when a few fish are caught along the south shore oceanfront of RI in March.  Yes, two schoolies were taken this week off a famous spring jetty, and there are rumors of a couple of more taken further south.  But, realize a few fish does not mean a spring run is in progress.  If I heard 20 or 30 were caught in one evening, that would be a different story.  My guess is that there are a few stripers that hang around the south shore all winter long.  We know some winter over in the ponds and rivers along the oceanfront and I suspect there is some movement of those fish along the shoreline.  These few fish that were caught could have been migrating fish, but maybe not. You will know when a spring run is in progress as a lot of fish will be caught.  I'm still sticking with the first or second week in April as the time that will happen.  It will be even later if the cooler weather returns (as it is supposed to this week).
Right now if you want to get out fishing, your best bet is freshwater.  I have had a week to remember in carp fishing here in RI and in nearby MA (check out reports on ).  I have also run into a lot of guys bass fishing in non trout stocked waters here in RI and they are also catching.  I know fishermen who are fishing in MA for trout where the waters are open with no closed season (great idea, maybe RI DEM will catch on) and they are catching big numbers of stocked trout.  So, lots of options out there if you want to fish.  As far as stripers....still too early in my mind.