Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lots of Menhaden; Found no Stripers

I fished the Providence River this evening and night.  I saw school after school of menhaden up and down the river.  Some were flipping, others were leaving wake trails, and schools of them were hanging around the lighted areas.  But, I tried many spots with a Zoom fluke and could not find a striper.  I keep hearing rumors of stripers showing up here and there in small tight schools, probably chasing peanut bunker (yes, I can't believe it either but I did snag one last week). You have to simply be lucky to walk into a small school of fish and you might get a couple.  Other than that, the fishing remains poor.
However, the upper Bay in general is loaded with menhaden that never left.  I have to think that if we get a slug of big stripers in the early part of the season, this place has potential to really produce.