Saturday, August 20, 2011

When Will Fishing Perk Up?

Wow, we are in a tough period for shore fishermen.  The water is warm, there is little bait around, and there are few fish to be had.  I've been out a few times in August and I am lucky to come away with a lone schoolie per outing.  I am still fishing unlike so many striper diehards I know that have simply given up until the fall. In fact, it has been rare for me to run into another fisherman who is trying for stripers.  I am amazed at the lack of bait around.  I have seen very little of anything in the Gansett area.  My brother, Steve, took his boat to Block I. the other day and saw no bait, no fish, and not one boat fisherman between the mainland and Block I's North Rip.  He later zipped along the south shore and same fish and no fishermen.  It's almost scary how bad things are right now.
I am confident that things will improve in Sept.  Sept. is a month with lots of options.  It is usually good for bluefish by day, stripers get active in the cooler nights and hopefully, we will see a run of false albacore.  However, you may have to wait until mid September for all of that to get started.  Until then I plan to plug along and keep hoping that things will get better.