Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Latest OTW Article...."The Versatile Bucktail"

My latest feature article just came out in the Sept. issue of On The Water magazine.  It is called "The Versatile Bucktail".  It is the total package on how to fish bucktail jigs from shore along with some info on boat fishing.  The article is particularly geared to fall fishing. Bucktail jigs are one of the most potent lures to use in the fall, and I would rate them as one of my top three choices of lures to fish for stripers and blues of all sizes.  I also catch a good percentage of keeper bass on bucktail jigs. There is an art to fishing these and I cover everything you ever wanted to know about bucktail jig fishing....sizes, styles, enticers, technique, places to fish and rigging.  The magazine staff did a great job with a sidebar explanation and drawing of the float and jig rig, a real killer for schoolies in rough water.
Check it out at newsstands or tackle shops or visit their website at