Friday, August 12, 2011

Problems For Fishermen Along Pt. Judith/East Wall

I fished along Narragansett last night and was shocked to find out that you can no longer get into Rose Nulman Park just north of the Pt. Judith lighthouse.  You also can't walk into the Coast Guard property, making access along this popular point very difficult.  Nulman Park was blocked off by tape and fencing with several signs that said the park was closed.  You could not drive into  the parking lot there which is used by surfers, sightseers and fishermen.  It appears that the building there is collapsing since I saw a partially caved in roof and the sides were buckling.  The Coast Guard property also had signs that said to keep out due to construction.  This has been their line for over a year now, though I see no construction going on.  Seems like a convenient way to keep people out.  The only access to the waters around the Point right now is to park on the right side of the road leading in and to either walk through the closed off park (is that legal???) or to walk along a grown in path near the reeds which border the west side of the Point Judith Lighthouse property.  Either way, it's a hassle.
The East Wall is another story.  There are tons of people who have been using this "free" beach this summer.  This property was originally set up for fishermen but it has now become an unsupervised free for all.  The place is loaded with trash.  Two weeks ago it was piled several feet high in front of the porto jons.  I also saw many tents along the beach at that time where people were camping out along here (is this legal???).  Swimmers, many unsupervised kids, have been in the water till well after dark.  There is also a lot of drinking on the beach, another illegal activity here.  It's not good and the DEM presence has been minimal at best.
If you are a fisherman, it is clear that this area is heading downhill.  Access to the Point will be difficult in the fall if things remain the way they are now.  This is just one more example of a disturbing trend of access problems along Narragansett and the oceanfront. The East Wall has become a summertime free for all.  Let's hope it calms down in the fall.