Saturday, July 30, 2011

McKenna OTW Article Right On

I have to comment on the excellent article by RI surf fishing expert Steve Mc Kenna that appears in the August issue of On the Water magazine. The article, titled Fake Out Summertime Stripers, outlines the best lures and plugs to use to catch summertime stripers. For example, Steve outlines using soft plastics, slender minnow swimmers, teasers, metal lipped swimmers and eel skinned plugs, a hit parade of some of the best fish catchers you can stuff into a surfbag. For beginners and veterans alike, it is a ton of valuable information about how to catch fish in the summer with lures and plugs. Steve, who is a friend of mine, draws on his years of expertise and experience to outline some of the best artificials to use at this time of year. He also outlines some of the best conditions to fish in summer which include targeting the new moon phase, fishing in stormy weather and nighttime fishing. The article is well worth the cost of the magazine if you are not a subscriber.

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