Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Turns Out Better than Expected

The month of June turned out to be better than expected for me. It was a month in which I landed 67 stripers and 6 bluefish from the shore. In past posts I have been comparing the present month to 2007. Well, back in 2007 I landed 86 stripers and 11 bluefish in June. If you adhere to the theory that the present day striper population is down 60 % from five years ago (and I do believe that to be true), then this June was not all that bad. In recent months, my numbers had been down 50-60 % but for this month they were down only about 20% from four years ago. In addition, a good number of my fish were small keepers, once again proving that keepers are around in decent numbers. So, I have to sum it up by saying June was better than expected. Hopefully, this trend will continue.

One explanation I have for the improved fishing is the fact that this June was one of the coolest on record, and I think that cool weather kept the fish active, especially in Narragansett Bay where I have been concentrating my efforts.