Sunday, June 6, 2010

Downward Trend or Temporary Lull?

It's the first week in June and things should be hopping good right now, but it's not. Fishing in the Bay from shore and boat is marginal at best. I was out from shore a two times this week and fished the boat twice and got 2 bass each outing. Yesterday, I went out in the boat with my brother and son, Matt, and we blanked with bass and landed one fluke. I saw quite a few boats fishing and did not see a single fish caught. We also could not find any pogies. The bass that we saw on the surface (lockjaw story) earlier in the week were nowhere to be found. Friends who are fishing the south shore are reporting similar marginal fishing. It's more like a July pattern than a June pattern.
The near future trend for the upper Bay is not good. The surface water temperatures yesterday ranged from 74-76 degrees, very warm for this time. That may have sent a number of fish packing. In addition, the water was putrid in places, a brownish red color. And, finally, there is no small bait around. In my mind, it all points to a downward trend, at least in the Bay.
This seems to be a similar pattern like last year that saw poor fishing in the Bay and inshore waters for much of the summer. But, last year also saw some of the best fall fishing along the oceanfront I have ever seen. We just might have to wait for Sept. for things to really heat up. I hope I am wrong.