Friday, May 7, 2010

First Nighttime Keepers on Hogys

You know things are getting serious when the stripers start hitting after dark. I landed my first keepers after dark last night from the shore. These were fish in the 28-30 inch range and they hit well after darkness.

The key to catching these fish last night was using a Hogy lure. This was the hot ticket. I was using the 9 inch, skinny, black Hogy, my favorite Hogy. It was rigged with a single hook, a wide gap Texas style, 7/0 hook. Cast this offering outward and twitch it near the surface with jerks of the rod tip while maintaining a slow retrieve. It is deadly in low water along the oceanfront and in the Bay, from the boat and from the shore. My last four keepers were all taken on this lure.

To find out more about Hogy products and to view videos about how to use them, check out their website at