Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inconsistent Winter Fishing

We've been on a roller coaster this winter as fishing in the Providence River has been inconsistent at best. There have also been fewer striped bass this winter compared to past winters. In the last two weeks I have had several dry runs, but have also landed about 20 stripers including several keepers. Fishing has become strictly a nighttime affair with little action to be had in the daytime. It seems that the best nights follow rain in the daytime. Lots of rain bring a heavy flow of water down river from the Woonasquatucket and Moshassuck Rivers. I think the fast flowing water disturbs the bottom just enough to wash down worms and shrimp that reside in the mud, setting up feeding.

Another phenomenon of recent weeks has been snagged fish. We are bumping into them while slowly working the jig along the bottom, yet the fish are not taking. This is evidenced by the numbers of fish I have fouled hooked in the last two weeks (about half the fish). I have also brought back lots of scales on my jig's hook to prove that the fish are there, yet not interested in hitting.