Friday, March 13, 2009

Hot Week in Providence River

This has been a hot week of fishing for holdover striped bass in the Providence River. The two days of rain and unusually high moon tides have set up some strong currents and water flow and that's the trigger mechanism that gets the fish active. I suspect that strong water movement stirs up the bottom where the fish are grubbing for things like worms, shrimp and other tidbits.

The nights have been the best time to fish with the high/dropping tides producing the most action. I have been using a Zoom flukes (smokey shad color) on quarter ounce jigheads with light spinning gear. Monday was my best night this week with over 30 fish and several keepers. On all the other evenings I managed to grab an average of 6-10 fish. While there are a ton of striper fishermen out there anxiously waiting for mid April to bring the first migrating fish along the south shore, there are a small core of guys just smiling away in Providence every night this week.