Monday, February 2, 2009

Shrimp Teasers

Teasers are small artificials that are tied ahead of your main lure. Flies make great teasers. If you are looking for the very best teaser to use in the spring, start tying. Shrimp teasers are hot for migrating schoolies along the RI oceanfront. These fish like to grub along the bottom and there is nothing better than a shrimp teaser tied ahead of a bucktail jig or a jig with platic body to entice them to hit.

To make a shrimp teaser, begin with a Mustad 34007 hook in a size #2, although hook size can be larger or smaller. Using white thread the body is tied in first. I like to use olive chenille, but wool in various dark colors can also be used. Work the chenille body to the front and tie off. Next a clump of deer body hair is tied onto the front. Tie so that the hairs extend about an eighth of an inch in front of the tie to form a clump. Pull tight to flair out the hairs. Now, tie off the head under those hairs. Finally, pull the hairs back along the top of the fly and tie off a tail in the rear. Wind several turns of the thread tightly and then tie off. Note that the tail hairs should extend outward to about half an inch or more. When rigged ahead of a Cocahoe or small bucktail jig, these teasers are deadly for spring schoolies and hickory shad.