Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Holiday Weekend Outlook: Slots, Schoolies, Blues


Big blues are showing up in both the Bay
and along the oceanfront. They are generally
where the bait is.

Memorial Day weekend is almost here and I suspect a lot of fishermen will be out and about in this beautiful spring weather. I've been out every evening in the past ten days.  I've fished from shore as well as the kayak and the results are the same: good numbers of stripers and some big blues, and not one single blank.  I've been spending my time mostly in the Bay, but I also hit some fish along the oceanfront. So, both areas offer good fishing right now.

Blues- They are around, and there are some real big ones.  The bigger ones are mostly on big bait (large pogies) but they are also feeding on silversides in some of the low water coves in the Bay. I got one last week that probably went 16 to 18 lbs. from shore and I had another monster from the kayak. I also had some of those 8 to 10 lbers. in the mix. I can tell you they are not all over the place, and you might have to go looking. They move when the bait moves. Topwater spook-type plugs have worked the best for me with the Yo-Zuri Hydro Minnow the best producer. Boaters have a big advantage here in that they can move around and find the blues.

Stripers- They continue to be the headline as we have good numbers of slots as well as hefty schoolies (20 to 28 inches) around. There are rumors going around that bigger fish (over slots) are under the schools of pogies. Problem is that the Bay is not loaded with pogies yet so the bait as well as the much larger fish might be tough to find.  But, there are plenty of slots and schoolies around.  Last evening I fished from shore and found schoolies slamming schools of silversides.  I caught big numbers of them on a 4 inch Zoom Fluke threaded onto a 1/2 ounce jighead.  Earlier in the week, I found a good mix of schoolies and slots from the kayak in some skinny water.  These fish were taking unweighted super flukes fished on top. Along the oceanfront last week I hit a bunch of fish in some rough water while fishing a float and blucktail jig. Rebel Jumpin' Minnows and Slug-gos have also been working from both the shore and kayak. Boaters once again are at a big advantage because they can move around and find the fish. Shore fishermen will have the best luck from evening into the night and early morning.

There are good numbers of slots and hefty schoolies
around. Boaters have a big advantage but they
can be caught from shore especially in the evening
and after dark.