Monday, October 3, 2022

Biggest Fish of the Year!

 Striper fishing has been so, so hot in this nasty northeaster.  I've been catching lots of schoolies, lots of slots, and today I landed my biggest fish of the year.  A fellow fisherman had a tape measure, and the fish measured out at a whopping 47 inches. I've had a number of 45 inch stripers from the kayak this year, but overall this has been the biggest, and it came from the surf.

The interesting thing about this fish is that it fell for a float and jig rig.  I was using a small, half ounce, homemade H style jig trailing off a homemade egg float(see photo below) Many fishermen who think they know what they are talking about will tell you that the float and jig only catches small fish. Absolutely not true and this fish proves it.  I also have many photos of other 40 + inch fish that I have caught over the years on this set up. In the right spot and conditions, it could just be the most effective thing to use on stripers of all sizes.

The float and jig has been the hot ticket in the
last few days.  While many will say
it's a set up to catch small fish, I beg
to differ.

This 47 inch fish was landed in today's northeaster.
It was revived and released in good shape.