Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Favorite Bucktail Jigs

 I've been tying up a storm in the last week or so making lots of bucktail jigs for the upcoming season. I make all my own from start to finish.  I use molds from the Do-It Corporation.  I'll pour them first.  Then I put on a coat of powder paint, and lastly add the bucktail.

Last year I caught the majority of my fish on bucktail jigs spiced with plastic curly tails.  I expect the jigs top be hot catchers again this year.  Though I have about two dozen jig molds, I will admit that I three FAVORITE jigs that I use throughout the year.  You will see them in the photo at the bottom (top to bottom: Spire Point jig, H Style jig and Flathead jig).

Spire Point Jig-  I like this in a one or one and one half ounce model. It is a beefy jig and casts like a bullet. I like to use this in rough water with a wind driving into my face. It has taken a lot of big stripers for me in the past, especially in the fall. Also it is very effective at night in moving water.

H Style Jig- My favorite size is a half ounce jig.  I like using this either off a float or alone. It has a slim profile with a thin fish head and is especially effective when stripers are feeding on bay anchovies (which happened a lot this year).

Flathead jig-  My favorite is the half ounce version.  I like this jig in the spring and summer.  It has a thin, fat profile and is especially effective when stripers are feeding on peanut bunker. I mostly use this off a wooden egg float although it can also be used alone.