Monday, January 4, 2021

Daiwa Parts a Reel Problem

 I have written favorably many times about the Daiwa BG series of reels.  They are inexpensive and work great out of the box, but when a problem develops...well, it's a problem.

This fall I was fishing a lot with my Daiwa BG 4000, a reel that was a year and a half old.  One day I went to cast and the line parted and the plug flew off.  Ok, thought it was just a weak spot in the braid. Later, I had a hit, pulled and the line parted again. So, now I knew I had an equipment problem.  I immediately suspected a cracked guide, but when I checked with a magnifying glass at home, no cracked guide.  Next, suspect....the reel, more specifically, the line roller.  Upon inspection I found out the roller was frozen in place and the braid had grooved a sharp edge into it which was cutting my line.  So, I figured I would simply order a new roller.

I found out the part # J08-9902 was the same roller used on the BG2000, BG2500, BG3000, BG3500 and BG4000.  So, this was a very common part.  I also found out through the Internet that this grooving of the line roller caused by corrosion was a common complaint of the BG4000 because the roller rested on the bail with no sleeve or bearings under or around it. Corrosion can develop very easily under the roller without you knowing it. 

I called or went online with every Daiwa parts dealer in the US.  Not one of them had this part....all backordered.  I then called the Daiwa headquarters in CA. They did not have the part either.  The rep told me the part was backordered till at least mid March. I did order the part but who knows when it will come in. 

I began this whole process of trying to find a line roller in November.  It continues.  Meanwhile, the reel remains useless until I can get a 5 dollar line roller. As I have stated in the opening lines.  These Daiwa reels are great until you have a problem.