Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Coming Attraction: My Old Town Sportsman PDL 10.6 Kayak


My latest fishing machine, an Old Town 
Sportsman PDL (pedal) kayak!

I'll be doing more kayak fishing in the coming year in Narragansett Bay. While I currently own two paddle kayaks that I've had for years, I am making the move to a new pedal kayak. I ordered one yesterday. Pedal kayaks are the latest rage in kayak fishing. You move these more efficiently with your feet like pedaling a bike, freeing up your hands for casting. Most serious kayak fishermen these days are opting for these types of kayaks.  If you want to paddle them, you can easily take out the drive and paddle. Another reason I made this purchase was because I have developed minor arthritis in my shoulder (an old age thing!), and the paddle kayak does rub my shoulder the wrong way so I figured this pedal kayak was the way to go.

The kayak I ordered is an Old Town Sportsman PDL 10.6. This will fit great in the bed of my truck. With a weight of 75 lbs.,  I might purchase a kayak cart to get it to the water in some spots that are a distance from where I park. For info, check out the PDL kayaks and the Old Town website here. This particular model that I purchased gets phenomenal reviews and the Old Town PDLs are some of the highest rated fishing kayaks on the market today, and they also carry the best warranties. Here is some additional info:

*Kayak measures 10 ft., 6 inches long

*Width is 36 inches wide, making this craft extremely stable

*Weight is 75 lbs. without the drive and seat (both removeable)

*Weight capacity is a whopping 450 lbs.

*Pedal drive moves forward and reverse depending on how you move the pedals

*Steering is by rudder with a control on the side of the seat

*Hull and pedal drive come with and industry leading 5 year warranty

*Seat is a rigid high back adjustable mesh seat

*Comes with 2 rod holders in the rear and one on the side

*Fitted with a transducer mount if I want to add a fishfinder

*Tracks along the sides for adding camera mounts, rod holder or fishfinder

*Multiple wells and hatches for additional storage

I plan to do a more extensive hands on review of this kayak in the spring on this blog along with posts about my fishing adventures in my new toy! Stay tuned!