Saturday, May 4, 2019

On Top

The Jumpin Minnow has been my most effective
plug this week in the Bay.
You just know the fish are getting more active when they will come up and hit a surface offering.  With the oceanfront fishing cooling off this week, I spent several evenings fishing from shore in the Bay.  I landed a number of fish, and all were taken on the surface with a Rebel Jumpin Minnow.  I've mentioned many times about the effectiveness of this lure.....far more effective than the traditional popper because of its erratic action. Pump that rod with a lots of short pulls to dance this lure on the surface, and expect some memorable hits if there are any stripers around. There is nothing more exciting in striper fishing than seeing a bass come up and smash a surface offering.
If you do decide to use this plug or any other plug with multiple trebles, consider crushing the barbs on the hooks for an easier catch and release.